Delicious Subji for February Month, Shahi Mutter Paneer

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Food On Train

Searching for Delivery of Food in Trains?
Order your food requirements and we will deliver the same at your seat just like a restaurant.

Food On Bus

So you've a long bus or train journey coming up?
Get Tasty, Fresh and Healthy Food Delivery in Bus. Now you can book your favorite food with Kinjal.

Food On Airports

Eating in an airport doesn't have to mean subpar dishes and fast food. You can always have tasty and healthy food with Kinjal.

Food On Ship

Kinjal brings you Tasty & Healthy food available on ship. Now enjoy your ship journey without any hesitation! .

Daily Tiffin Services

For monthly pure veg & Jain Lunch & Dinner base in Home made food.

Catering Services any Where in Events

Professional catering service for office party and Social event, Services: Corporate Catering, Corporate Lunch, Corporate Breakfast

Bulk Order

Enjoy Mouthwatering Wraps, Parathas, Sweets, Desserts & Much More. Order Now! in Bulk with large quantity

Ready To Eat For Traveler

Whether traveling by car or plane you can still make healthy choices. by Reat to eat Product's.

Package tour any where in world

We bring you a whole world of travelling privileges. Just a holiday with family or your honeymoon, we offer you the best destinations around the world.

Your Food Can Be Dehydrated & Vacume Packed

Food Preparde in your kitchen can also be dehydrated & vacume pack and send the food pack accross world.